Jan 28, 2007

Sweet Ride

Andy and I got a new car! It actually has power steering! It's sweet.

Jan 21, 2007

New Hair-do

I went to a new hair stylist and this is what I got! I love the bangs, but still need to get used to the rest of the cut. I will probably grow it back out, but for now it is a fun change.


My birthday was on Thursday and I ended up getting the afternoon off from work, so Andy and I played and went car shopping, ate cake, and went to the mall. Overall it was a nice day.
Andy is decorating my cake. The cake ended up cracking in half, so it didn't look the prettiest, but it sure tasted yummy.

Christmas Break Fun

Fun in the kitchen!
Dad was very resistant to wearing an apron, but I didn't want him to get his clothes dirty.
Andy and I spent a day in downtown Chicago. This is a big Christmas tree!

Christmas Day

We didn't take many pictures on Christmas day, but here are a few to help us remember our first Christmas as a married couple.

Poor Steven only got to open a stocking this year because his present was a new dirt bike, which got plenty of use by inexperienced riders while all the boys were home. (Jim not included)

Kitten Surprise

I was very shocked and glad that mom and dad let Steven get a kitten, but I guess I should take some credit - it was supposed to be mine until they found we couldn't have pets in our apartment.
My favorite thing was to have the kitten curled up on my stomach during nap time.

Even Andy fought to hold the kitten.