Aug 27, 2007

Happy and Healthy

Andy and I are doing quite well despite not knowing the future, but hey, who really knows the future? We've been hiking, biking, to Utah's Pro Real Salt Lake soccer games, shopping, to the dollar movies, to three outdoor musicals, and have recently been enjoying a little grill our neighbors gave us. So, overall, life is good. I just have to remind myself to keep everything in perspective. (easier said than done.)Here we are after a soccer game.

We went hiking to Stewart falls.

Here's our mini-grill and my favorite grill master. Notice anything different on Andy? This is what I came home to after being gone for two weeks. It was quite the shock, but I think it looks great.

There's no place like Home

Kristy and I went home in July and helped mom update the kitchen and living room.
We also helped mom pick out some fabrics for pillows and for reupholstering the bar stools. It all looks great.

The Quilt

I started this quilt in May and just finished it last week. I got tired of working on it for probably a month, but I'm glad I stuck with it and finished. I realized that if I wanted to do any more projects, I would have to prove to Andy that I could complete a big project.