Dec 11, 2007

The Big Move

Andy and I left our home in Utah on Nov. 9 and made our way to our new home in Jersey City. Johnson and Johnson took care of us by sending people to pack and move our stuff and our car. We flew out of Utah with just three suitcases and no where to live, but we found the perfect apartment within two hours of looking - thanks to Craigslist and our Realtor! After a vacation at Andy's parent's house and Thanksgiving at my parent's house, we moved in to our new walk-up apartment in Jersey City.

Andy started his job on Nov. 26 and our stuff was delivered the same day. Luckily, there were 4 moving-men that carried every last box and piece of furniture up the 3 1/2 flights of stairs. We are officially moved in and enjoying our new environment. We have about a 25 minute commute into NYC (15 minutes on the Path train and 10 minutes of walking) We live two blocks away from a mall and are close to grocery stores and Target, and there is a nice park across the street from our apartment.

Our old apartment in Utah, we had just shut the door for the last time, and I didn't even cry.
This is a picture of our new apartment (more to come because these aren't our furnishings)
The outside of our apartment.
The park across the street. (By the way, this is what Jersey looked like at the beginning of November. The leaves were still green!)