Mar 17, 2008

Update: Life in the Big City

I know I've let my blog slip the last few weeks, so here's a big newsy update.

I got a job working as a benefits administrator for a HR consulting company in Manhattan. I started working January 28th and absolutely love it. I have no pressure to work overtime, my co-workers are so nice, I enjoy the work I do, and I only work 35 hours a week (plus an hour lunch everyday). This job is a million times better than the one I had in Utah, which makes for a very happy Tamara.

The interesting facts about working in NYC:
Commuting: I take a train to NYC and do a lot of walking. It's not uncommon to wear tennis shoes with skirts or dress pants. I was opposed to the idea at first, but quickly adapted. When I ride the train during rush hour, I am literally face to face with the people around me. I have to stand up, and hope that there's a pole or handle I can hold onto. I dream everyday that someone will offer me their seat, but it hasn't happened yet.

Security: I have to show my ID badge every time I walk through the front doors of the building I work in. It can get a bit annoying - don't the security people recognize me yet? :) The bathrooms are locked, so I have to bring my keys and security badge everytime I want to use the bathroom. Why do the bathrooms have to be locked? Really, if someone doesn't have a badge to get into the building, they obviously wouldn't be able to get to the bathrooms. Oh, well. I guess that means more toilet paper for me. haha

Location: I work near Soho and am in a very safe neighborhood. Sometimes I forget I work in NYC and that I'm surrounded by tall buildings, restaraunts, and shops. In the morning, at almost every corner, there is a breakfast cart. You can buy bagels, muffins, coffee, donuts, hot chocolate, etc. At lunch time, the hot dog and meat kebab carts take over. At night, there are pretzel and honey-roasted nuts carts.

Overall: I enjoy city life. I'm getting more adventurous. I've ridden the bus, subway, and Path all by myself. I have yet to hail a taxi and ride in a horse-drawn carriage. We've walked on the Brooklyn bridge, seen a broadway show, walked through Times Square, Little Italy, and China Town, we saw the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center, and have been to the Manhattan Temple. There is never a dull moment! I will try to post some pictures soon--if only I could remember to bring my camera!

In Honor of St. Patty's Day

I wrote this poem about St. Patrick's Day during one of my boring classes in college. Enjoy!

Happy Happy St. Patty's Day
When rainbows swirl and leprechauns play
If you find a clover with leaves of four
Oh, you'd be lucky, me amor
This is the day to wear something green
Or people will pinch and that would be mean
Do rainbows lead to a pot 'o' gold?
Find out now before you grow too old
Once you find what's at the rainbow's end
You'll be my very bestest of friend!