Aug 31, 2008


Have you ever wondered what happy, multi-grain cheerios look like? Well, wonder no-more... It really doesn't take much to amuse us in the morning - my smiley face is on the right, Andy's is on the left.

August was a busy month for us with travel and work. Andy has some projects at work with crazy deadlines, which makes for some long days. (FYI: he's currently working on a redesign for Zyrtec and Lactaid.) Andy's brother, Pete, got married last weekend in Palmyra to a really great girl - Ashley. Two weekends ago, we attended a family get-together/memorial service for Andy's grandma who passed away. All in all, we've stayed busy, valued the time we have at home together - even if I am sleeping on the couch next to Andy, and have spent about 24 hours in our car. I decided after this last trip, that we won't be doing any more heavy traveling until after the baby comes, which is only 10 weeks away!
In honor of Andy's grandma, we gathered at her favorite lake in upstate NY and had a wonderful time with family.
We also camped overnight at the lake. Here we are enjoying the outdoors.
We were the test couple for the photographer - he wanted to make sure his camera was ready for the bride and groom to walk out of the temple - the last time I did this, I was wearing white, now I'm wearing pink with a big belly... time flies.
Here's the bride and groom outside of the Palmyra temple with the Sacred Grove in the background.
I'm 30 weeks! I noticed that a lot of the pictures taken of me don't include my growing tummy, so tonight as we took a walk through liberty state park, I thought - hey, how many times am I going to be pregnant and have the Statue of Liberty in the background, so I asked Andy to take a belly shot.

Aug 3, 2008

Blueberry Pie

I think Andy should actually be posting this on his blog because I'm not much of a fruit pie fan, but I am a fan of making my husband and his tummy smile. So, I made him his favorite... blueberry pie.