Nov 24, 2008

One Month Ollie

We took our little Ollie in for his one month check up. He weighed in at a whopping 9 lbs 11 oz and is now 21.5 inches long. He is getting into more of a schedule, and we are learning what his different cries mean. He eats about every two hours during the day, stays awake for at least an hour and then takes a nap. He then gets fussy every night from about 6-9 pm and then sleeps about 5 hours, is awake for an hour, and then sleeps for another 3ish hours. We are still waiting for him to smile at us, but enjoy his "smiles" as he is going to sleep or after eating. Oliver is not a snuggly baby and many times if he is fussing too much, we lay him down by himself and he calms down. We love him sooo much! Happy one month Ollie!

Nov 19, 2008

Oliver meets some family

Oliver is taking a nice long nap, which means I have time to post new pictures! Oliver has been lucky enough to meet both of his grandmas and his Aunt Kristy and cousin Charlotte. He can't wait to meet everyone else. Below are some pictures of their visits.
Charlotte loved being able to touch Oliver, but I'm not sure if the feeling was mutual.

Grandma loves the challenge of expelling those deep down burps.
Oliver spent many hours snuggling with Grandma and loved it! We miss you Grandma B.
We may not be glamorous, but we sure do look like sisters.

My sister has never been to NYC, but we didn't have time to take her to see the sights, so we decided to introduce NYC style pizza and hope she'll come back for more!
Thanks for visiting Aunt Kristy!

Nov 18, 2008

The Miracle Blanket

There was a miracle at our house for the past two nights... Oliver slept for five and a half hours straight thanks to the Miracle Blanket. This blanket keeps your baby super swaddled - almost like a straight jacket and it is easy to use. I plan on using it every night from now on until forever, or maybe just until he outgrows the blanket. Below is a picture of the blanket. To see how it works, go to I'm 100% satisfied.

Nov 9, 2008

Let the Countdown Begin!

I love counting down to special occasions - holidays, birthdays, vacations, I even count down the hours until Andy gets home from work. Counting down to Oliver's birth was the biggest countdown ever, and when he came early, the countdown ended (obviously), but I was really sad - crazy, huh? Sad that my baby came early... So when my mom asked if she should change her plane ticket to be here earlier, I said no, that I wanted something to count down to. Guess what? Only 6 more days until my mom gets here. To make the countdown even sweeter - my sister and niece found a great plane ticket and are coming to visit and will be here in 5 days! I'm soooo excited!

Nov 2, 2008

My Halloween baby!

It's kind of crazy to think I'd been planning all year for a November baby, but I was lucky - and got an October baby and was able to dress Oliver up in some cute Halloween outfits. Maybe next year we'll do a costume.