Feb 22, 2009


These smiles make me feel like I'm doing a great job as a mother. It's all the reward I need for my effort and hard work.

"Hello? Is your refrigerator running?... You better go catch it... hehehe" - Oliver

Feb 12, 2009

Check it out Yo'

So, I have a very creative husband who has recently made this really cool hanging lamp and took some cool pictures of the views from our windows. Check out his blog if you have some extra time... Warning: you might be blown away from the coolness.


Feb 9, 2009

Gotta love the love

We've been having a lot of fun showing Oliver off to family. He finally met his Grandpa B. this weekend and a few weeks ago he met his Great Grandma and Grandpa J. We love our family and love our little Oliver!