Jun 21, 2009

A Ton of Pictures

We finally found the perfect new apartment. We spent the last two months looking, packing, moving, painting, and unpacking - it's been exhausting, but I think we'll finally be able to start enjoying our new place. Here are a few pics to highlight our last month.

Hello new apartment.
Bye bye old apartment.
I think Oliver had fun helping us pack.
We hired four men to help move us out of our old apartment.
I finally counted the number of steps into our old apartment: 59
The number of steps I have to climb to our new apartment: 6
The apartment wasn't ready when we moved in, so we helped paint. After 3 weeks, we are finally done painting and are almost done unpacking boxes - I believe we have 5 more to go!
This isn't what the kitchen looks like now, it's much cleaner and organized. Once everything is decorated, I'll put up new pictures.
Here's a picture of our private backyard. We can't wait for the rain to stop so we can BBQ!
This is a Happy Father's Day picture. Oliver's shirt says "My Daddy Rocks".
Here's a picture of Andy "Rocking". Happy Father's Day!