Dec 27, 2009


On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me...
A digital piano with 88 keys.

On the 18th day of Christmas, Andy's brother visited us
So he could go to NYC on the bus.
*note: Nick was making a movie and does not have a mustache or glasses...

On the 20th day of Christmas, Oliver got the tummy flu
We were sad and said "boo who!"
*Oliver was wobbly when he was sick and kept falling into things - it amazes me he's still happy!

On the 23rd day of Christmas, to a cabin in the Adirondacks we went
And stayed in a plush, warm, cabin - not a tent!
*We didn't have a traditional tree this year, but it was still fun to decorate.

On the 25th day of Christmas, Santa found his way
And we had such a wonderful, happy day!
*Oliver was asleep for most of the present unwrapping, but he loved playing with his new toys!

My big present to Andy: A treasure hunt and a Holga camera.

Aunt Ashley sure knows how to make Oliver happy!

Oliver didn't make it easy for grandpa to finish his pool game.

On the 26th day of Christmas, Andy, Oliver, and I drove home in yucky rain.
And on Sunday no church because of a break in a water main.

On the last week in December, the best gift is yet to be given
A week of Andy at home - now that's what I call livin'!

Dec 21, 2009

21 weeks on the 21st

I know most people already know this, but for those that don't... here's a newsy post! I'm pregnant - 21 weeks to be exact. A little brother for Oliver to play with will arrive at the beginning of May (unless I go early like I did with Oliver).

My first trimester was easier this time than it was with Oliver - I think the biggest reason was because I wasn't commuting into the city and I was able to nap when Oliver did. I was still very nauseous and only within the last few weeks have I really wanted to start eating dinner again. Thank goodness for cereal and milk, which always hits the spot.

The house will be full of boys, which is never how I pictured it, but I do remember saying that I wanted all boys because they will be easier as teenagers. I believe I said this when I was living with 5 other girls and couldn't stand all the drama. Anyways, we are happy! More updates to come... with pictures.

Dec 10, 2009


Thanksgiving break was so much fun. The night before, we went into the city and saw some of the parade balloons. For Thanksgiving day, we went to Andy's Grandma's and had a delicious meal followed by some outdoor fun. The rest of the weekend was spent working on the house, hanging with friends and celebrating Andy's birthday!