Jan 29, 2010

I'm back!

We just returned from a much needed trip to see my sister and her family. Oliver got a bad ear infection from flying and spent the first part of the trip feeling miserable - and making my trip miserable. We learned he doesn't like to sleep when he's sick, and he didn't want me out of his sight. Despite the sickness, we still managed to have fun. We played with tons of new toys, saw my mom, dad, and little brother, went out to eat, went shopping multiple times, did crafts, watched tv, went to a movie, and just relaxed... oh, and we cut Oliver's hair so we could spike it - Andy's reaction - "That's not normal for a baby." I replied "It's better than me putting bows in his hair."

Oliver LOVED these vacuums!

This is how Oliver had to sleep for nap time while he was sick.

Jan 17, 2010

Chicago, Birthday, Fun, Etc...

If only tomorrow were today, I would be eating cupcakes and opening presents! And if only Tuesday were today, I would be in Chicago with my sister and her family! And if only yesterday were today, I would be shopping by myself again and eating out with Andy and Oliver. However, today is today and I'm just going to have to wait!

In the meantime, here are some pictures from the last few weeks.

Oliver loves shoes! He plays with our shoes every day. He especially loves my white sandal wedges, but for his sake there are no pictures of that... :)

While I was on the phone, Oliver found a blue colored pencil and found a new writing surface - his face! He was sad when I took away the pencil.

My dad visited for a weekend. We enjoyed his company a lot! We played with Oliver, went shopping, ate at a Peruvian restaurant, and Andy and I got to go on a date! Thanks for visiting!

Jan 11, 2010


Andy and I grew up in cold, winter climates where winter seemed to last forever and the snow would stick around until April! It's been a nice change to live in a climate where it has only snowed 3 times and then melted within a few days, but sad at the same time too - we like snow! A couple weeks ago we finally had an opportunity to take Oliver out in the snow - I'm pretty sure we were more excited about it than he was!

Oliver got brave enough to put his foot in the snow - I'm pretty sure I said "good boy" and clapped for him!

Here he is pulling one of his favorite toys from Grandma B. Yes, we let him play with it in the house and pull him around - it's hard to say no to him when he says "sle, sle," sits down in it and gives us the rope.

Here is our makeshift sledding hill - perfect for Oliver and with a killer view!