Feb 18, 2010

Our silly kid

Oliver loves to be just like us... whether it's shoveling, doing dishes, typing on the computer, painting, or just being silly... he is there to copy us. Little does he know, someday he will dread doing all of these things. If only he could stay so sweet and innocent...

Feb 7, 2010

Birthday Picture

Here's a picture from my birthday. Andy did a good job buying me presents this year and even helped make me cupcakes. He had to work though, and I had to spend the day doing laundry and packing, but it wasn't too bad when I knew it was my special day! Thanks for all those who wished me a happy birthday!

Feb 1, 2010

Belly Shot

In my 3rd trimester! 13 weeks to go - tons to do before the baby comes - including coming up with a name. Tons I want to do before the baby comes - including using my new birthday present from Andy and Oliver - a dress form. Loving my sweet Oliver and the cute things he does. He decided all on his own to give "pup pup" a ride in his dump truck. Loving being home with Andy. Loving life.