Mar 25, 2010

Pictures, Pregnancy, and Prioritizing

Mom, you recently asked how big my stomach was, well, some say it's small - I say it's huge - you be the judge, here's a picture. Our baby weighed in at 4lbs 13oz at my Dr. appt on Tuesday. Only 6 weeks left and I've already hit my nesting phase. I'm driving myself and Andy crazy with the list of projects I want to finish before the baby comes. For some reason I think my crafting and projects will end once the baby #2 is here. So, whatever isn't finished before baby comes, won't ever be finished? Andy always tells me to prioritize and it turns out that most of the things I think I need to do, actually don't need to be done. That is why I am now going to lay in bed and watch a movie instead of finishing the dress I'm making myself. There's always tomorrow, right?

In other news, we've been really busy here. We went to Andy's parent's house, to the zoo, celebrated St. Patrick's day with friends, and have done a few house projects. Below are pictures of all that fun.

Oliver fed Grandma's chickens and loved it. Thanks for a great weekend Grandma!

Here's Oliver waiting for the otters to swim by.

My little family dressed in green! Corned beef, cabbage, and Irish soda bread - yumm! Actually after smelling it cook all day, I did not want to eat it, but everyone else said it tasted good - thanks! (I made the shirt Oliver is wearing just for St. Patty's day - tip: pre-wash/shrink your fabric before sewing. The shirt is now waiting for Oliver's little brother.

We reupholstered our dining room chairs and painted the hutch in the background. These chairs had 3 disgusting layers of disintegrating fabric and hundreds of staples and disgusting cushioning. It was a much needed change. (We used white faux leather.)

Mar 3, 2010

My Little Buddy

Ollie and I are buds. We have a lot in common. He is adorable - some say I'm adorable, he has a good sense of humor - I do too, he loves stuffed animals - I do too, he loves cookies, candy, and smoothies - I do too, he loves Andy - well, what do you know, I do too.