Apr 26, 2010

Can you tell...

...which one is Sam?

Apr 19, 2010

Sam is growing quickly. At 1 week, he weighed exactly 5 lbs; at 2 weeks, he weighed 5 lbs 13 oz! It's so much fun to watch Sam change and grow, but I just hope it doesn't happen too quickly, cuz I love snuggling with my newborn.

I love how chubby Sam's cheeks look in this picture.

Oliver is warming up to "baby Sam". At first he wanted nothing to do with Sam, he ignored him and would push him away when Sam got close. I know we are making progress because I watched Oliver try to pick up Sam today - yikes!

Right after Sam's first bath.

Our happy family... by the way, it is a coincidence that we are all wearing green/white. :)

Apr 13, 2010


This is how I found Oliver this morning! He's been really into zippers lately.

Apr 11, 2010

The Story: Samuel David

For all those interested, here is my labor story:

I woke up last Wednesday morning at 8, after having a very restless night of hot flashes, and noticed I was bleeding a little. This put me in a panic, because the day before I thought I'd felt a few contractions, but didn't think much of them because I had a bad cough and felt like I'd have a contraction after coughing really hard. So, I tried to stay calm - I got Ollie up, and tried to take care of him, the more lifting I did, the faster the contractions came, so I thought that the contractions were just linked to me doing too much. There was no way I could be in labor, right?

After making a few phone calls, Andy decided to come home from work and put me on bed rest. My doctor said, if the bleeding continues, come to the hospital, but if it stops, just come see him at his office the next day, and if I have the baby early, 35 weeks isn't bad. Neither of us wanted the baby to come so soon. I started keeping track of my contractions and realized even when I wasn't moving, I was still having them consistently, around 8-12 minutes apart. If I stood up and did anything physical or coughed really hard, the contractions came quicker. I also started bleeding again. Now that I'm writing this story, I feel stupid for not realizing I was in labor.

Andy would not let me move - he put in a movie for me to watch and took care of Oliver. My sister called me around noon and in a very kind way said I should call my doctor back and encouraged us to go to the hospital to be checked out. I called my doctor's office, and talked to one of the nurses - she said we should go to the hospital and that she would call ahead and let them know we were coming. My heart skipped a beat, but I tried to stay calm and I think the way I stayed calm was that I kept telling myself I wasn't in labor.

I arranged for Oliver to be watched by a friend. She just happened to be out and said she would swing by to pick up Oliver. Andy packed a bag for Oliver while I showered and put on my makeup - such an essential thing to do. He asked me what I wanted to bring and I said just a water bottle and maybe my glasses (why did I need to bring anything? I was coming home in a couple hours). While we waited for my friend, I tried to convince myself I wasn't having any contractions and stopped writing them down. Maybe we didn't need to go to the hospital after all.

Oliver was picked up around 2. I got myself to the car while Andy helped get Oliver settled. I really didn't think I was in pain - I just didn't feel good. I had a bad cold and was so tired. I kept debating with myself whether or not I could actually be in labor. As we drove to the hospital, Andy and I said to each other "wouldn't it be a relief if we really were in labor - I wouldn't have to be pregnant, he wouldn't have to rush home from work again, we wouldn't have to worry if I was in labor again..." It was a very calm ride - Andy timed my contractions and they were coming every 6 minutes. We arrived at the hospital around 2:45 and had to wait for the triage room to become available. I was starting to get anxious - I just wanted to know what was going on with me. They took me in around 3:00 and hooked me up to monitors. Yes, I was having real contractions. The nurse monitored me for about 15 minutes and then check my progress. I was 4 cm dilated and 90% effaced. Holy cow! I was in labor. They were admitting me. My heart started racing.

While we walked to the delivery room, I kept asking the nurse "So, am I really in labor?" "Is there any turning back now?" "Does this mean I'm going to have a baby today?" Yes, our baby was coming. They hooked me up to monitors, called my doctor, asked me a bunch of medical questions, and sent Andy to buy a disposable camera because we didn't think to bring one. About 30 minutes later my doctor shows up and says "Surprise!" which made me laugh - what if I'd waited to see him in his office the next day? Couldn't he have said to me on the phone "you might be in labor..." Oh well. I asked him if we could make sure the baby came before midnight because I really didn't want an April fool's baby. He said, the baby would be here by 7:30 pm. Andy commented "why, do you have dinner plans?" We all laughed - turns out he had some lecture thing and my nurse would be off her shift, but he assured us that he'd be there as late as we needed. He checked my progress and I was still at 4 cm - I was feeling quite a bit of pain with each contraction and wasn't sure if I'd be able to go to a 10 by myself. I felt like I wasn't mentally prepared.

My doctor asked if I wanted an epidural and I said I wasn't sure yet. He encouraged it and so did the nurse, he said, once I got the epidural, he'd come in and break my water and we'd have the baby. That plan sounded good to me. I got the epidural, which was very painful - the anesthesiologist had to try 3 times before it worked. I was hugging a pillow trying to sing some hymns while he kept trying. I was worried that my labor was slowing down because I wasn't feeling any contractions while he was poking holes in my back, but once the epidural was in place, the nurse checked me and said I was at 8 cm! She called my doctor and my room started filling up with people. There was a nurse and a doctor for the baby. They had an oxygen tank set up. We talked about what some of the risks were for our baby and what would happen to him after he was born. I was very uncomfortable at this point. The epidural wasn't working the way I thought it should. I felt my contractions. The nurse checked me again - I was at a 9. She could feel my water and wanted to break it, but waited for my doctor. He was paged to hurry. He came, broke my water and I started pushing. I felt so much pain while pushing. I was digging Andy's hand with each contraction. I kept saying - ouch, I don't want to push, I don't want to push. I will leave some details out right here, but just know - the stupid epidural did not work like I wish it had. 20 minutes later, I heard a cry. 6:21 pm - just 3 hours after we were admitted, Samuel arrived. Everything was okay. He didn't have to be hooked up to the oxygen or go to the NICU. We feel so blessed and lucky that Samuel was healthy. Stay tuned for more pictures and updates!

Apr 9, 2010

Pictures from the Hospital

We were quite surprised to have Samuel arrive 5 weeks early and did not even pack a hospital bag, which means we did not have our camera. So, after we found out I was actually in labor, Andy ran to a pharmacy and bought a disposable camera. Here are some of the better pictures.

Just minutes before Samuel's arrival.

A proud papa.

Check out the cute badge the hospital gave Oliver: I'm the Big brother!

Yea! We are finally going home!

Apr 3, 2010


We were totally surprised on Wednesday! Meet Samuel David!
Born: March 31 at 6:21 pm
Weight: 5 lbs 4 oz
Length: 19.25 inches