May 24, 2010

Oliver, Sam, and a Countdown!

My sister is coming to visit in 4 days!!!! We are going to have lots of fun snuggling with Sam, chasing Oliver, shopping, maybe going to the beach, hitting up the fabric shops in NYC, and checking out Times Square! I can't wait! Oh, and here are a few pictures of my adorable kids too!

This is Sam's new pack and play. He loves looking at the owl mobile - and so do I. It's so cute.

This is our morning ritual: After Oliver wakes up, Andy brings him into the bedroom and sets up the laptop with a tv show. Oliver will sit pretty still for about 20 minutes which allows me to get a few more minutes of sleep.

This picture shows off Sam's double chin. He is doing well and plumping up very nicely.

Andy took this picture on Mother's day and I just love how Sam is looking at me.

Oliver is quite the big brother. I asked him to hold the bottle while I finished packing the diaper bag and he was excited to help.

May 5, 2010

Oh Oliver!

Oh Oliver! The messes you make, the trouble, the spills, the fits you throw when you don't want to get into the car or come in from a walk, but then you give me a hug and pat my back or you give me a kiss... and "Oh Oliver" sounds a lot sweeter.

Oliver definitely keeps us on our toes. He is a 30 pound 18 month old with lots of curiosity and the ability to make us smile and feel important.

Some of his favorite things are dogs, going on walks, bath time, bubbles, Kipper (a tv show based on a book), vacuums, the Swiffer, brooms, zippers, keys, the locks on the doors, sitting in the driver's seat of the car and pushing buttons and putting the key in and out of the ignition (daddy lets him do it), he loves playing hide and seek, being chased, and going through the tunnel "nunnel" that Andy makes with our couch cushions. He is so full of energy and always ready to play--we love him!

Happy Due Date

It's crazy to think that today is my due date! Sam is 5 weeks old and has definitely wiggled his way into my heart. Sometimes I pretend that Sam is still nursing when he is actually done - I just want to keep holding him (and it doesn't hurt to get out of doing some of the chores!). I feel like I've already forgotten how tiny he was when he was born. Please stay little Sam, but feel free to sleep through the night. :)