Jun 26, 2010


This is a catch-up post. My awesome mom flew out here the day after Sam was born to help us out. She did many loads of laundry, got up with Oliver, played with Oliver, changed diapers, made dinner, let us go on two dates, and had a happy disposition through it all. I on the other hand, stayed in bed, cried, was tired, and bossy, let's just say it was soooo nice to have my mom here right away.

Andy's mom came a couple weeks after Sam was born and was just as helpful - made us some yummy dinners, helped with laundry, let me nap, took Oliver to the park, and helped us get a cool sandbox for Oliver - gotta love our mommies!

My sister visited Memorial Day weekend and it was great. We went shopping (multiple times), did touristy stuff in the city, went to the beach, played at the park, took a few walks, there wasn't a boring minute. Thanks for visiting!

Catching a snuggle session with Sam and Grandma B.

A little lovin' from Sam. He might be thinking: is that my mommy? Do we look like twins? Some people think so...

Here we are in Little Italy after eating yummy pizza!

Jun 19, 2010

A 4 letter word never sounded so sweet

Dada: this word is said multiple times a day at our house. Oliver always asks for Dada in the morning (usually Andy is gone by the time Oliver wakes up). He thinks whenever the front door of our apartment opens and shuts that it's Dada. When Andy comes home from work, no matter what kind of day it was, Oliver runs over to him with a big smile saying "Dada, dada, dada!". We love Dada!

Jun 11, 2010

mischief and peace

Oliver: aka: mischief
Samuel: aka: peace

Jun 9, 2010

Watch out big bro

"If you steal my socks from off my feet one more time... you're going to get it..." - Sam