Jan 17, 2011

Ho Ho Ho... in January???

So, maybe I'm a little slow to post Christmas pictures... but the secret is, I still have all my Christmas decorations up... so it still feels like Christmas. But tomorrow is a new holiday (my birthday!), so today is the day to take down the Christmas decorations. Bye Bye Christmas tree...

We had a great Christmas break. Andy had a whole week off, we visited family, ate yummy food, and opened some awesome presents. It took a while for Oliver to get the hang of opening his presents. He wanted to play with each toy before opening the next present, which takes forever because the toy packaging people basically glue, staple, tape, or screw the toys into their packaging... grrrr He finally got the hang of just opening the gifts and moving on... which also meant he went on a present opening rampage and started opening whatever he could get his hands on. It was a really fun morning!

Jan 6, 2011

Christmas picture

I was pretty excited about putting together these outfits for a family picture to put in our Christmas card this year, but we didn't get the picture taken until after Christmas. Some things just don't get high priority... maybe in the coming years I will be able to do everything I want to do... I know... I'm dreaming. For now I will stick with feeding the kids and cleaning up messes - those things always get high priority.

Anyway, Merry (belated) Christmas!