Mar 2, 2011

work and puppies

My old boss asked me to come back to work temporarily, so I am going in one day a week for a month or two. It's great. I wear dressy clothes, talk to adults, ride a bus and a subway, eat my lunch in peace, and get a nice break from everyday life.

Andy snapped this picture on my first day back to work.

Oliver has not had a nap since last Thursday (I have tried, he just refuses). This is what he did in his crib yesterday - he pulled every wipe out of the container, crumpled it up, and threw it overboard. He told me that his pup pup had poo poos. Either that dog had a lot of poo poos, or he is now a very clean dog. How do you not get your camera out and laugh at that?

We have been working on redecorating our bedroom (pictures to come soon). Sam desperately needed a dresser for his clothes - we have gone 10 months without one, so here is a picture of Andy and Oliver putting together some cheap dressers from Ikea. Oliver LOVED helping! Look at his cute little hammer.

Here's another little helper in the making.

One night I walked into the living room to find both boys on the couch nibbling on their dog's noses. (Oliver stopped for a second for me to snap the picture - he is pretty much done biting - hallelujah!)