Apr 5, 2011

Our very first child

After a particularly hard day with Oliver, I feel like I need an "oh, Oliver" post... so here goes: Oliver is always surprising us, today I almost lost Oliver in a store at the mall - thank goodness I was with a friend and that there was a nice couple that helped me corner Oliver. He has surprised us by being a great helper when it comes to cleaning - he loves the vacuum, loves wiping anything as long as he gets to squirt the 409 and get his own cleaning cloth. He helps with the mopping, sweeping, and dusting. He surprised us by starting his potty training way before I thought he would! Funny story: I asked him if he wanted to be potty trained and he said "no potty train... yellow train... yes... yes, yellow train." So, I bribed him with a train ride if he would wear underwear and keep them dry. It has worked for the last couple days. I never know what to expect from Oliver. Each adventure with him teaches me a lesson. Today I learned that I need more patience and better punishments, and maybe even stronger muscles... boy, is he strong. Here I am at the end of one of the hardest days with Oliver and I'm still just loving him - I must be a mother.

The second child

Our poor Sammy gets neglected sometimes, but he is a sweetheart and just smiles and goes with flow. Here are a few more pictures of our second child.

Here we are just being funny. Notice how I am holding Sam's hands down? Yup, he didn't like the funny facial hair, but he's still smiling. Love it!

Sam just wants to be Oliver's friend. We can tell that Sam loves his big brother so much.

I think Sam is going to love singing and talking. He is constantly babbling with his sweet, but loud voice.

Apr 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Sammy!

I think the pictures say everything... we are so happy to have Sammy in our lives.
Happy birthday to our baby Sam!