Jun 5, 2011

Mini Vacation

We had a lovely weekend in upstate New York with Andy's parents. The boys loved being able to run around in a big back yard - mostly naked, they loved Valentino the cat, Andy enjoyed some physical labor - putting in a new pool liner, and I enjoyed a little shopping, a hair cut, and not cooking. The boys saw their first parade and loved seeing all the fire engines. And we realized that Grandma and Grandpa are still very much young at heart. We had a wonderful time - thank you!

Side note: We sadly found out that Oliver is terribly allergic to cats - his face got red, splotchy and swollen after he brushed the cat's fur (thank goodness Grandma had children's allergy medicine on hand). It was hard telling him that he couldn't touch the cat anymore. We also sadly found out that he shouldn't go on the merry go round for very long...