Jul 24, 2011

Our fun free toy

A few days ago, Andy came home from work and told me he saw a kiddie pool on the side of the street, and that I should take a look. I didn't have high hopes, but I do love a good deal, so I went outside and lo and behold... an awesome kiddie pool... or at least I saw the potential. It was propped up next to a bunch of garbage and sort of looked like garbage too. I have been looking for a pool just like this all summer. It didn't exist on craigslist, it isn't sold new anywhere, it was just a dream I had. I had found one that was close to this, but it was $50 used, and we didn't have anyway to transport it. Point of this long story, we are very happy to have this pool. Andy picked it up, carried it home, I scrubbed it clean, found a new drain plug and now we are all enjoying some relief from this terrible heat.

The 4th of July

I love the 4th of July. Andy usually gets a few days off, we only have to walk half a block to see the Macy's fireworks, we get to BBQ, play outside, and decorate using my favorite color combo - I seriously love red, white, and blue.