Feb 20, 2012

Seriously time for new pictures

As much as I love these last pictures I posted, it is time for some new ones.

January was a wonderful month. I went to Chicago and visited my sister's family. I snuggled with my new nephew, played with my nieces and relaxed. The boys stayed home while I was away and missed me dearly. They were definitely ready for me to come home, which is just how I wanted it. It is great to feel needed and wanted. Is it too soon to want to go away by myself again?

I then celebrated my birthday and rounded out the month with warm 60 degree weather and healthy kids.

February has been good so far too. You can't beat Valentine's Day with candy and all that love. The boys knew it was a special day, but went around all day saying enthusiastically "Happy Birthday Mommy!" "Happy Birthday Daddy!". We made a heart shaped cake and a heart shaped pizza and relaxed on the couch watching TV. It was a nice day. Now we are celebrating President's Day with a visit from Andy's parents. The boys LOVE their Grandma and Grandpa and so do we. They let us sleep in this morning, and it was fun listening to all the giggling and running around while laying in bed.